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The growing use and access to social media have spread different types of fake news such as satires, misleading headlines, contents, and contexts; fabricated or manipulated contents, clickbait, and propaganda. Although some kinds of fake news, such as satires, aredesigned without the intention to cause any harm or mislead readers, youths may sometimes be unable to tell the difference. Therefore, it becomes necessary to provide opportunities to in stil critical reading and thinking skills in young people to sieving the truthfulness and accuracy of the information they receive, which they are likely to believe. We are motivated to pursue this youth exchange to help youths develop skills in finding accurate information, contrasting sources ofinformation, engaging in critical reasoning, and deeper reflection onevery piece of information received from the media. With these skills, youths can differentiate from various kinds of data on the media and be free of any intentional or unintentional bias such misinformation could create in their impressionable minds.

Objectives of the Project

Specific objectives of the IGA project include:

Eligible Participants

The participants of this project are young people with feweropportunities from Germany, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Hungary and Greece. They live in rural and urban environments and come fromdifferent cultural and socio-economic backgrounds for this exchange.


Partner Organisations


  1. The partner organisations from the four countries will coordinate the travel arrangements to Germany.
  2. The Visa costs of participants from Turkey will be covered
  3. The activities for this project runfrom June 1 to June 15, 2023.
  4. The suggested arrival date isMay 31, 2023
  5. The suggested departure date is June 16, 2023
  6. We would normally not allowparticipants to arrive after the project has started or depart before the end of the projectactivities.
  7. Other important rules forcovering travel costs arepresented here under

Important Notes

  • Participants should work together with partner organisations from their countries to plan their travels within the approved costs.
  • Reimbursement applies to economy-class tickets forairfares and Class 2 for trains
  • Original tickets must be submitted to the host organisation. These tickets must clearly show the full names of the participants and the amount paid
  • If your passport is stamped on entry into Germany, the host organisation requires copies of such stamps as additional records



  1. The following information is necessary for participants to keep in mind as they prepare to travel to Germany for this project.
  2. Generally, personal items should be brought by each participant.
  3. The accommodation address is Holiday Inn Express Göppingen, Grabenstraße 12, 73033 Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
  4. Mobility Dates : June 1st 2023 to June 15th 2023
  5. In the provided accommodation, bed spaces would range from 1 to 2beds in a well-spaced room, depending on the design of the specificroom.
  6. Damages to the items in the hotel rooms by any participant will have to be fully covered by the person. All participants need to be cautious in handling the hotel’s properties.
  7. Participants, leaders, and organizers who do not want to stay in such accommodations can stay in other hotels, provided they cover their fees.
  8. Alternative accommodation arrangements must not jeopardise full participation in this mobility programme. Otherwise, the participants could be disqualified.

Environmental Advice

Reduce waste as much as possible, especially disposable items like cutleries, cups and bottles

  1. Discard unavoidably generated wastes in designated bins. Germany already has a highly organized waste sorting and separation mechanism
  2. Buy only what you will need to use
  3. Take as much food as you can eat and not more
  4. Save water by taking shorter showers
  5. Turn off the lights in your room when not in use


Pre-project assessment

  1. Pre-project assessment of participant’s traits towards gender issues. This is an information-gathering activity to prepare the facilitators for the participant’s traits.
  2. Analyses of data to be obtained using self-report questionnaires will guide specific questioning by facilitating the broad gender concepts chosen for the exchange.

Preparatory meeting

  1. Preparatory meeting fordistribution of individual and group tasks/activities.
  2. The topics on gender concepts for discussion by the participants will be selected by balloting (picking a number pre-assigned to a topic).
  3. The European countries of focus for analyses of their gender balance will be distributed similarly. 
  4. General individual assignments will be given to all participants on preparing a talk on specific issues regarding their native gender dispositions, culture, and personal experiences on gender and other concepts such as equal payment, equality in the labour market, discrimination, bullying and others.

Expectations from participants during the project Project week Post-project activities

  • Participants of this project will be involved in disseminating the progress and outcom e of the project.
  • Participants are encouraged to post pictures of their travels to the event and their daily personal and learning outcomes throughout the programmes on their social media handles.
  • You will also share your Youth Pass certificates at the end of the exchange on your pages.

Project week

  • Traveling day: May 31th, 2023
  • Activities: June 1st to 15th, 2023
  • Return day: 16th of June, 2023

Post-project activities

  • At the end of the programme, all participants will draft a joint communique of their activities and resolutions, which they will also circulate.
  • Participating organizations would also circulate this communique on their websites and social media handle for broader coverage.
  • Participants are to organise at least one sensitization seminar to increase awareness of their peers and immediate community members about their learning from this project

Project Rules

The following rules are compiled to ensure every participant, irrespective of their personal orcultural background enjoys this mobility to its fullest.

  1. The host organisation (Sompon Socialservices Baden-Württemberg e.V., Germany) has received travel and individual support, inclusion support for organizations, organizational support and exceptional costs included in the project budget. This will be used by the host organization. Participants are only entitled to the maximum reimbursable travel amount specified, as approved by our funders (Erasmus+).
  2. A youth worker from each of the participating organisations will serve as group leader forthe youths from the countries in this project. These group leaders will lead the youths on the trip, coordinate their participation, serve as co-facilitators of the mobility, and coordinate post-project seminars to be organised by the youths after the mobility is ended.
  3. A WhatsApp Group will be opened and operated for this project for easy dissemination of information and follow-up activities after the project. Partner organisations may also create WhatsApp Groups for each participating country. All participants are required to be active members of these groups. The correct link to these groups will be circulated to participants before the project commences.
  4. The host organisation will continue to provide current information and instructions for participants throughout the project. All these should be strictly followed by participants for ahitch-free project.
  5. Daily participation in all activities of the project is required to receive the certificate at the end of the project. Participants must be punctual, respectful, kind, receptive, and accommodating of others within the duration of the project.
  6. This project includes evaluations before, during and after the project. All these are to measure the impacts of the project on participants. We can use the format of verbal questioning, quizzes, and survey questionnaires, to evaluate the performances of both the participants and the organizers of the mobility. Although the evaluation may require you provide your name, we assure you that your responses will be anonymously reported, whenever it is required of us.
  7. In most places in Germany, it is forbidden to make disturbing noises between 10 pm and 6am. Participants must therefore take note of this to avoid making disturbing noises in their rooms or elsewhere.
  8. Participants must inform the organisers (team leaders and host organisation) when they leave the project venue for any other personal business outside. The use and abuse of illicit drugs such as marijuana, etc. are strictly prohibited. Offenders will be reported to the police authorities and disqualified from our project.
  9. In the event of disqualification of a participant, the participant will be mandated to return to their country and would not be paid any reimbursement for their transportation. Other offences that can lead to the disqualification of participants are:
  • Consistent lateness to the project activities without valid reasons
  • Wilful disturbance of other participants in the project venue or hostel accommodation
  • Display of racial intolerance or unapologetic bad manners
  • Expression of bad temper, violence, or fighting
  • Fomenting unnecessary troubles during the project
  • Failure to submit required documents as requested
  • Repeated failure to abide by the rules of the project


+49 1521 9210 614

Schelztorstrasse 2, 73728 Esslingen/Neckar


Holiday Inn Express Göppingen

Grabenstraße 12

73033 Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg, Göppingen