Aim and objectives

Our project is aimed at increasing the consciousness of youths about responsible cyberspace usage and behaviours.

Specifically, this project objectives include:

  • Assessment of the media practices and netiquettes of youths previously held
  • Cyber awareness with emphasis on online safety, online information resources and digital ethics
  • Enlightening youths on types of media bias and how to identify them through critical thinking
  • Equipping youths with required netiquette, and appropriate cyberspace usage, devoid of unhealthy practices such as cyber racism, harassment and bullying.

Partner Organisations




Number of Participants

  • Germany (9: 6 participants, 1 Group leader/youth worker) + 2 Facilitators
  • Greece (7: 6 participants, 1 Group leader/youth worker)
  • Türkiye (7: 6 participants, 1 Group leader/youth worker)
  • TOTAL = 23 participants

Eligibility of participants

  • The participants of the CYBER project are young people between 16 and 27 years of age. They must be youths who are:
  • ready to acquire knowledge about and improve tolerance of different cultures and lifestyles.
  • socially receptive who could engage in healthy conversation on cyberspace practices and netiquettes with other participants.
  • able to work in a team or willing to learn teamwork
  • willing to embark on stipulated activities from the preparation stage of the exchange up to the organization of post project follow up activities
  • able to communicate in English, as all the activities will be in English.
  • However, a basic level may also be accepted with the help of the teamleader’s mediation.
  • first time participants in an Erasmus+ youth exchange/participation programme.

Programme Activities

  • Activity 1: Pre project assessment of participant’s traits towards media netiquette and usage
  • Activity 2: Preparatory meeting for distribution of individual and group tasks/activities
  • Activity 3: Discussion on different information and knowledge sources, history and evolution of media and ICT; Media institution, rights and responsibility.
  • Activity 4: Cyberspace education component: digital tools and platforms for communication, collaboration, and problem solving, and cyber safety topics
  • Activity 5: Intercultural exchanges. All participants will make individual cultural presentations on their lifestyle, food, music, dance, etc. to elicit intercultural appreciation among participants.
  • Activity 6: Netiquettes and responsible cyberspace usage. These would be interactions based on online etiquette and socially appropriate behaviour in the use of the internet to exclude cyberbullying, racism, discrimination and other vices.
  • Activity 7: Evaluation
Mobility Activity (3 7):> 10 days [2 travel days; 8 activity days]
Suggested date: 12th April to 21st April 2024

Travel Budget for partners

  • Greece = 275 €
  • Türkiye = 360 €