Interview Series “Journey to Success” – Rising Above: Mercedes Boakye Ansah’s Path to Success

Mercedes Boakye Ansah’s story is a testament to resilience, ambition, and personal growth. Born to Ghanaian parents in Düsseldorf, Mercedes has navigated cultural bridges, academic challenges, and professional landscapes with unwavering determination. From completing her A-Levels to working in HR roles and pursuing a degree in business law, she has consistently stepped out of her comfort zone and faced adversity head-on. Influenced by her mentor Daniel and inspired by her partner Max, Mercedes has learned invaluable lessons about trust, perseverance, and self-belief. Her journey underscores the importance of taking action, embracing change, and continuously striving for personal development.

Beatrice: Could you please tell us a little about yourself?

Mercedes: My name is Mercedes Boakye Ansah. I’m 22 years old and currently living in Düsseldorf. My parents are from Ghana, but I was born in Düsseldorf. They moved to Germany in the nineties. In 2020, I completed my A-Levels at the Goethe Gymnasium in Düsseldorf. After that, I did an apprenticeship as a personnel service clerk. I graduated in June 2023 and worked as an HR Service Centre Advisor at TJX in Düsseldorf. After my six-month term there, I worked as a Jr. HR Business Partner at Fine Line Ges. für Leiterplattentechnik mbH in Hilden. Currently, I am working at Uniper SE in Düsseldorf. In addition to my full-time job, I am also studying business law at the FOM University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. I aspire to become an expert in the field.


Beatrice: What significant lesson have you learned from a mistake or failure in your life?

Mercedes: Believing that everyone always has the best intentions for you and assuming that kindness will always be returned has often led me into difficult situations. I trusted many people, whether I knew them well or not, assuming we thought and acted alike. I quickly learned that this is not the case. I was often taken advantage of and betrayed—not just in my personal life, but also in school, at work, and in other areas. These experiences taught me that you can’t trust everyone and that many people prioritize their own interests first.


Beatrice: Could you share a moment when you had to make a difficult decision, and what did you learn from it?

Mercedes: Not too long ago, I was recruited by Uniper SE from Fine Line GmbH. This decision was difficult for me because I felt very comfortable at Fine Line. However, due to my studies and personal future plans, I had to consider where I wanted to be in the long term. I dream big, and therefore some of my decisions might not make sense to others, but they are very important to me.


Beatrice: How have you dealt with adversity or challenges, and what wisdom have you gained from those experiences?

Mercedes: In the past, when faced with challenges, I would panic and focus solely on the problem, which severely limited my perspective. Thoughts like “How will I handle this?” or “What do I do now?” were common. But my partner Max taught me practical tips and tricks that he used when building his company. He would write down the problem, identify the cause, and look for solutions online or in books. For legal or tax issues, he would consult experts. I have adopted this approach and now try to stay calm and visualize the problem clearly, separating my fears from reality. The key takeaway from these experiences is that every problem has a solution waiting to be found.


Beatrice: Is there a specific piece of advice or wisdom that has profoundly influenced your life? If so, what is it?

Mercedes: Don’t waste your valuable time and potential—take action. Winning starts with beginning. I am currently working on elevating my mindset to a completely new level. Society often dictates how we should live, influencing our thinking and our view of life. I am slowly but surely discovering my full potential and striving for personal development, which for me is the greatest success in life.


Beatrice: Have you ever had to step out of your comfort zone, and what insights have you gained from that experience?

Mercedes: When I had to speak with people who had more experience or knowledge than I did, I often felt insecure. As a Junior HR Business Partner, I frequently had to convince my CEO of certain things to gain his approval. As a young and shy person, I had to step out of my comfort zone and present myself confidently and professionally to be taken seriously.


Beatrice: Can you recall a time when you had to overcome fear, and what did you learn from facing it?

Mercedes: I remember the time when I was bedridden with COVID-19, suffering from severe headaches. Despite my condition, I decided to agree to a termination agreement with my first training company. Without having found a new position or a new training company, I signed the agreement. I trusted that God would help me find something new quickly, as I had only a limited time to find a new company without it affecting my training. In that moment, I learned to trust in God, even when the situation seemed hopeless.

Beatrice: How do you deal with setbacks or obstacles in your life, and what strategies have proven helpful in overcoming them?


Mercedes: First, I take the time to assess the setback closely and accept it. I allow all the emotions that arise in that moment because setbacks are a part of life. They contribute to our development. In such situations, I reflect on how it happened and analyze my actions. Self-reflection and analysis are essential in life. To cultivate positive thinking, I seek support and reassess my goals, adjusting my plans if necessary. A valuable tip from my partner Max is to strengthen inner resilience and fortitude. One should not take everything too personally. A setback does not mean failure; it simply indicates that the plan, idea, or project needs improvement. With the right mindset and strategies, one can emerge stronger from setbacks.


Beatrice: What role have relationships played in shaping your life lessons, and is there a particular relationship that has taught you something valuable?

Mercedes: Not every relationship is positive, but two people immediately come to mind when I consider this question. My mentor Daniel, who is like a big brother to me, always gives me wise advice and supports me in many areas of my life. I know he genuinely wants the best for me. My partner Max also has an inspiring story—going from a school dropout to a business owner. Both Daniel and Max contribute to my professional and spiritual growth. They complement each other perfectly.


Beatrice: Have you ever experienced a moment of clarity or realization that changed your perspective on life? If so, what was it?

Mercedes: The moment you realize that where you are now doesn’t have to be where you stay forever is crucial. I’ve learned to take control of my life. Even though I haven’t experienced much yet, I’ve been through quite a bit. It’s important to recognize that you don’t have to stay in an unsatisfactory situation. The opportunities for change are there. A good book, a changed mindset, and positive routines can help you achieve extraordinary things.


Beatrice: Looking back on your life journey so far, what is a lesson you wish you had learned earlier, and how has it influenced your subsequent decisions and actions?

Mercedes: I wish I had learned earlier not to believe everything people say. Often, their statements are simply wrong. You need to learn to listen to yourself more and block out the surrounding noise. Too many opinions from others can lead to chaos in your mind. It’s crucial to differentiate who you discuss certain topics with.

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