Interview Series “Journey to Success” – Shades of Grace: Rev. Charlene Quaye’s Amazing Life Journey

In this remarkable journey, Rev. Charlene Quaye not only brings stories to life on the big screen but also stands as a beacon of empowerment for women and a champion for children with disabilities. Beyond the realm of cinema, she dedicates herself to uplifting women, encouraging them to embrace their potential and purpose. Through her multifaceted endeavors, Rev. Charlene Quaye continues to inspire positive change, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those she encounters.

Beatrice: Rev. Charlene Quaye, could you share a bit about yourself?

Rev. Quaye: Certainly.  I’m Reverend Charlene Quaye.  I am Married with two beautiful children. My second child has a disability, which has led me to become a passionate advocate for disability rights. I also serve as a school pastor within a ministry in Essex, engaging in pastoral work in secondary schools. Additionally, I’m deeply involved in domestic abuse advocacy, running programs focused on restoration and societal reintegration. I also provide counseling services and have authored eight books. Recently, I’ve ventured into movie production, and I’m frequently called upon as a parent ambassador for disability charities in my community.


Beatrice: Reverend Quaye, could you share your journey into the film industry and how your faith has shaped your career as a movie producer?

Rev. Quaye: Certainly. This movie’s storyline was given to me in 2019, but COVID delayed its production. Despite initially putting it on hold, the Holy Spirit kept prompting me to pursue it. With characters already lined up, I contacted director Pascal Amanful, who loved the storyline. We collaborated on the script remotely, and I filmed a scene in Ghana during a conference. Despite being in the UK, I stayed involved through WhatsApp updates. The finished product, “Shades of Grace,” exceeded my expectations. I believe in obeying divine inspiration promptly, as delayed obedience is disobedience. Reflecting on the journey, I see God’s supernatural provision at every step.


Beatrice: It’s remarkable how you integrate your faith into your professional endeavors. How do you uphold your values within the entertainment industry?

Rev. Quaye: Fortunately, everyone involved in the movie shares steadfast Christian values. This alignment ensured there were no conflicts, as our values guided every decision. When your foundation is rooted in faith, maintaining your values comes naturally.


Beatrice: Your resilience is truly inspiring. How do you tackle challenges and rebound from setbacks?

Rev. Quaye: I embrace a “possibility mentality” and draw strength from God’s promises. Cultivating joy and focusing on gratitude are my go-to strategies during difficult times. Reflecting on God’s faithfulness in the past keeps me resilient.


Beatrice: That’s a profound perspective. What advice would you offer your younger self?

Rev. Quaye: I would advise my younger self not to sweat the small stuff. Many concerns from the past seem trivial in hindsight. It’s crucial to nurture healthy self-esteem, especially during challenging seasons. Self-confidence serves as a catalyst for overcoming obstacles.


Beatrice: Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us, Rev. Quaye.

Rev. Quaye: It’s been my pleasure. Remember, with faith and perseverance, nothing is insurmountable.

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