Unlock Your Potential with SomponAccess Scholarship Programs for African Youth.

In partnership with the Study Access Alliance, we will provide scholarships for online university degrees at International University of Applied Sciences (IU).

Break Barriers and Achieve Your Dreams:

SomponAccess Scholarships for Underprivileged African Youth

At Sompon Socialservices BW e.V., we believe that education should be accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. That’s why we’ve partnered with StudyAccessAlliance to offer the SomponAccess ScholarshipPrograms to offer online degrees from IU for underprivileged African youth.

Our mission is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to pursue their academic goals and achieve success. Through the SomponAccess Scholarship Programs, we’re working to provide scholarships for online Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, which been held in english, to African youth facing financial difficulties.

We understand that many young African people face significant barriers to accessing higher education, and we’re committed to changing that. The SomponAccess Scholarship Programs are designed to support those who have been traditionally excluded from academic opportunities, such as those who have lost parents or face financial difficulties.

The SomponAccess Scholarship Programs are more than just scholarships – they represent a transformative opportunity for underprivileged African youth to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams. By partnering with Study Access Alliance for free sholarships at the IU, as the academic partner, we’re helping to create a more equal world where everyone has the chance to succeed.

As well as our partner Study Access Alliance, we’re committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063, and we’re proud to be working towards these goals through our SomponAccess ScholarshipPrograms. By providing scholarships for online Bachelor’s and Master’s programs to underprivileged African youth, we’re contributing to the goal of promoting inclusive and equitable quality education for all. Additionally, our efforts have indirect positive effects on other goals, such as reducing poverty and promoting economic growth.

SDG 4: Quality Education
Through SomponAccess ScholarshipPrograms, Sompon Socialservices BW e.V. provides access to high-quality online degree programs from accredited universities, creating opportunities for individual growth and upward socioeconomic mobility.

SDG 5: Gender Equality
SomponAccess ScholarshipPrograms aims to promote gender equality by prioritizing gender balance in scholarship awarding, empowering women to participate equally in society, the economy, and politics.

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
SomponAccess ScholarshipPrograms wants to ensure that degrees are employable and focus on future skills needed for the African economy, promoting decent work and sustainable economic growth.

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Through SomponAccess ScholarshipPrograms, students are equipped with knowledge and skills in new technologies, fostering sustainable industrialization, resilient infrastructures, and innovation.

SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
SomponAccess ScholarshipPrograms aims to tackle inequalities in higher education access, with an overall positive impact on economic, social, and political equality.

SDG 17: Partnership for the Goals
Sompon Socialservices BW e.V. realizes the SomponAccess ScholarshipPrograms initiative through strong partnerships, contributing to the overall achievement of the SDGs together.

Your Potential, Our Opportunities: SomponAccess Scholarship Programs

The SomponAccess Scholarship Programs aim to provide educational opportunities for underprivileged African youth who may be facing financial difficulties or other obstacles. To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must meet certain criteria, such as having a high school diploma or equivalent, demonstrating financial need, and meeting IU admission requirements. The application process includes submitting transcripts, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Successful applicants will have access to a range of online Bachelor’s and Master’s programs offered by IU, including Master Class and Bachelor Class courses. Additionally, if needed, our office in Yaounde, Cameroon can provide assistance such as access to laptops and internet to ensure that scholars can fully participate in their coursework.

Overview of the selection criteria


Our Collaborative Partner: Study Access Alliance

The Study Access Alliance is a scholarship provider for disadvantaged students in African countries who are financially unable to fund their university education. Initiated by the IU Group in 2022, the Study Access Alliance is a non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH). By collaborating with organizations such as NGOs, businesses, universities, education groups and governments in Africa and beyond, students with a financial disadvantage are better supported directly and onsite.

The Study Access Alliance collaborates with higher education institutions to provide internationally recognised, top-quality education to its scholarship recipients. Currently, scholarship recipients can study online at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), Germany’s largest private university which offers around 40 online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English.

Study Access Alliance's academic partner: IU International University of Applied Sciences

With over 100,000 students, IU is the largest university in Germany. The private, state-approved educational institution with its main campus in Erfurt brings together more than 200 bachelor’s and master’s programmes under one roof, which are offered in German or English.

In addition, IU enables further training and promotes the idea of lifelong learning. The aim of the university is to give as many people as possible worldwide access to personalised education.


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In order to be selected for the application process we need the following documents:

– Copy of passport / ID
– Signed statement for financial need
– Proof of residency
– Certificates of higher education graduation

Please send the documents to info@sompon.org so that we can process your application.

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    Make a difference in someone’s life today! By supporting the SomponAccess Scholarship Programs, you’re helping to provide underprivileged African youth with access to online Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Join us in our mission to create a more equal world and give the gift of education.

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