Interview Series “Journey to Success” – Professor Nana Ama Browne Klutse: A Journey of Leadership, Resilience, and Mentorship

Join me in this insightful conversation with Professor Nana Ama Browne Klutse, a trailblazer in climatology, academia, and politics. Professor Klutse shares her journey, from her passion for tackling climate change to her role in shaping political decisions. Through challenges faced as a woman in male-dominated fields, she emphasizes the importance of mentorship and determination. Her advocacy for empowering girls in STEM and politics underscores the need for inclusive opportunities. With sincerity and teamwork as guiding principles, Professor Klutse envisions a future where African women excel, leaving a legacy of mentorship and leadership for generations to come.

Beatrice: Dear Professor Klutse, could you please share your background and life journey with us?

Prof. Klutse: Certainly! I’m a professor of physics, atmospheric physics, and climate change science. I also have a PhD in climatology.”

Beatrice: Reflecting on your journey, what pivotal life experiences shaped your decision to pursue a career in climatology, academia, and then, I know, in politics as well?

Prof. Klutse: In terms of climate change, I found myself drawn to the issue due to available opportunities and the recognition of the significant challenges we face as a society. Additionally, politics plays a crucial role because decision-makers, namely politicians, determine the outcomes of various endeavors. Without the right people making decisions, our efforts could be futile. Hence, it’s vital to engage in politics as well. I hope that clarifies my perspective.

Beatrice: What difficulties did you face as a woman in all the aforementioned areas of your career?

Prof Klutse: In our society, there’s a lack of expectation for women to reach such heights. Consequently, a woman must consistently prove herself to succeed in these endeavors. These challenges have been prevalent throughout my career, and I’m certain that women at my level have encountered similar obstacles.

Beatrice: Professor, as a trailblazer in your field, how did you overcome challenges to achieve success in academia and politics?”

Prof. Klutse: In my field, overcoming challenges has been a multifaceted journey. While mentorship has been crucial, personal determination has been equally significant. The societal expectation for women to excel in such domains has added an extra layer of challenge, requiring continuous effort to prove oneself. However, my inner drive to succeed has propelled me forward, both in academia and politics.

Beatrice: Prof. Klutse, considering the persistent gender inequality in African society, what strategies do you advocate for empowering girls and women, especially in STEM fields and political leadership?”

Prof. Klutse: Mentorship stands out as a pivotal strategy. It not only ignites interest but also cultivates a can-do spirit in girls. Ensuring the right mentorship tailored to individual interests is essential. Additionally, encouraging girls to recognize and harness their strengths is crucial. Mentorship coupled with encouragement can unlock their potential and pave the way for their success.


Beatrice: Absolutely, mentorship is key. Now, considering your diverse roles, what values or beliefs have guided your resilience amidst adversity?

Professor Klutse: I firmly believe in the innate power of human beings to overcome challenges. Life isn’t linear; it’s about finding alternative paths to pursue our goals. With determination and resilience, we can navigate through obstacles and achieve our aspirations, no matter how daunting they may seem.

Beatrice: That’s truly inspiring. Looking ahead, how do you envision the future of African girls and women, particularly in Ghana, and what steps do you propose to create a more inclusive society for their advancement?

Prof. Klutse: African girls and women have immense potential waiting to be tapped. It’s imperative to provide them with the necessary resources and mentorship to thrive. By tapping into available opportunities and addressing the continent’s challenges, they can make significant contributions. Encouraging them to pursue careers aligned with their passions and fostering a supportive environment will propel them toward success.

Beatrice: Thank you for your insights. Amidst your demanding professional and political commitments, how do you maintain balance, purpose, and fulfillment?

Prof. Klutse: Sincerity and teamwork are paramount. Collaborating with others and delegating tasks when necessary helps maintain equilibrium. Recognizing our limitations and leveraging the strengths of others ensures collective progress. Ultimately, sincerity in our endeavors fosters fulfillment and purpose in our pursuits.

Beatrice: Wise words indeed. Finally, as a role model for gender equality, what message do you wish to convey to aspiring young women, and what legacy do you hope to leave for future generations?

Prof. Klutse: To aspiring young women, I encourage you to prioritize your aspirations, seek mentorship, and work diligently. Your potential is boundless, and with perseverance, you can achieve your dreams. As for my legacy, I aspire to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, instilling in them the values of hard work, teamwork, and sincerity. Through their success, my legacy will endure, contributing to a brighter future for Ghana and beyond.

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