“Journey to Success” – Interview SeriesThrough Storms and Sunlight: The Untold Story of Mrs Janet Koffi

"Journey to Success" - Interview Series
Through Storms and Sunlight: The Untold Story of Mrs Janet Koffi

Begleiten Sie Beatrice Ama Boatemaa Asante auf einer inspirierenden Reise mit Persönlichkeiten, die in ihrem Leben ihre Träume verwirklicht haben. Diese Interviews sollen die Jugend motivieren, dass man mit Entschlossenheit und Durchhaltevermögen jedes Hindernis überwinden und seine Ziele erreichen kann.

Join Beatrice Ama Boatemaa Asante as she takes you on an inspiring journey with personalities who have achieved their dreams in life. These interviews aim to motivate the youth that with determination and perseverance, one can overcome any obstacle to reach their goals.

Original-Interview mit Mrs. Janet Koffi (englisch)

Beatrice: Mrs. Koffi, can you sum up your essence in a single phrase or brief statement?

Mrs. Koffi: In a nutshell, I’d describe myself as a divine gift and a source of blessings wherever I go.

Beatrice: What has shaped your identity and character the most?

Mrs. Koffi: My identity and character have been profoundly influenced by my faith in God and my commitment to living in accordance with His

Beatrice: Could you share the beginnings of your life story?

Mrs. Koffi: I was born in Koforidua, Ghana, out of wedlock. My mother initially considered aborting me but ultimately chose to keep me. My biological father was absent, and my mother had met another man she wanted to settle down with. Eventually, my stepfather embraced the idea of raising me as his own. It wasn’t until I was 14 that I discovered my true parentage, which was a painful revelation.

Beatrice: Can you tell us about your educational background?

Mrs. Koffi: I attended primary and secondary school in Ghana and later moved to Italy with hopes of furthering my education. Life in Italy was challenging, but I
persevered. With the support of my then-fiancé’s friend, I gained admission to an international nursing program at a Finnish university. This marked a significant turning point in my life.

Beatrice: How did you cope with the cultural shock of moving to Italy as a teenager?

Mrs. Koffi: Moving to Italy was not without its difficulties, as I didn’t feel fully integrated into my biological father’s family. The weather and language were also new experiences for me. My knowledge of French helped me adapt to Italian to some extent, and that helped me establish social connections.

Beatrice: What advice would you offer to individuals struggling to learn a new language while pursuing academic or professional goals in a foreign land?

Mrs. Koffi: I barely knew where Finland was on the map when I started, but my burning desire for education drove me. I had to pass a Finnish language proficiency test for university admission, which added to the challenge. My advice is to focus on your ultimate goals and understand why you embarked on this journey. With that perspective, you can overcome any challenge.


Beatrice: Did you always aspire to be a nurse, or did you have different career aspirations as a child? 

Mrs. Koffi: As a child, I dreamt of becoming a lawyer, politician, or actress. Unfortunately, financial constraints forced me to abandon my plans for political science studies after high school.

Beatrice: Are you fulfilled in your nursing career?

Mrs. Koffi: Nursing has brought me immense fulfillment. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside judges, lawyers, and politicians, indirectly fulfilling the career
aspirations I held as a teenager. I am a contented public nurse.

Beatrice: As a mother of four and a wife, what advice do you have for mothers who have put their dreams on hold due to family responsibilities?

Mrs. Koffi: It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Keep your larger goals in mind and take the first steps toward achieving them. With determination and a vision, you can make it happen.

Beatrice: What anchors your life together?

Mrs. Koffi: My unwavering faith in God is the cornerstone of my life. I may not have extensive plans for the future, but I trust that God will guide my path.

Beatrice: What is your ultimate life goal?

Mrs. Koffi: My ultimate goal in life is to live happily and spread love to all. I take life one day at a time.

Beatrice: What are the three significant life lessons you’ve learned?

Mrs. Koffi: Patience, patience, and more patience. Firstly, patience has taught me that what’s meant for me will come in due time. Secondly, it has helped me manage my emotions and excel in all aspects of life. Lastly, patience has reminded me that I am not in control of life’s course; I must put my trust in God. 

Beatrice: What advice would you give to young individuals struggling to find their life purpose and battling depression?

Mrs. Koffi: Realize that you’re not in complete control of your life. Embrace the fact that the Almighty God has a plan for you. Despite having your own vision, be open to the unexpected turns life may take.

Beatrice: Mrs. Koffi, what is your vision for Mother Africa and her children?

Mrs. Koffi: I have unwavering faith in the resilience of our African people, and I firmly believe that our unique upbringing has instilled us with strength. I am convinced that as a continent if we are determined to contribute positively to this world, we can undoubtedly make it a better place. It is never too late for us to come together, rebuild, and strive for greatness in Africa. With the right mindset and a collective willingness to make things work for our common good, we can rise to our full potential. Africa has immense untapped potential, and I envision a brighter future for our children and generations to come. 

Beatrice: Finally, how would you like to be remembered?

Mrs. Koffi: I hope to be remembered as someone who brought smiles and hope to others, who inspired them to face each day with renewed strength.