Interview Series mit Ms. Patrick Ngono Abe

Join Beatrice Ama Boatemaa Asante on a journey with individuals who’ve realized their dreams. Today, we chat with Ms. Patrick Ngono Abe, originally from Cameroon. She’s been in Germany since 2005, studying Mathematics and Real Estate Management at the Technical University of Berlin. Ms. Abe serves as a real estate fund manager at MPC Capital AG in Hamburg and is the founder and CEO of NGO Elikia e.V.. 


🔅Could you please tell us a bit about yourself, including your background and profession?
My name is Patrick Ngono Abe, originally from Cameroon. I’ve been residing in Germany since 2005. I pursued Mathematics (MSc.) and later Real Estate Management (MSc.) at the Technical University of Berlin. My professional journey is twofold: I serve as a real estate fund manager at MPC Capital AG in Hamburg, and I’m also the founder and CEO of the NGO Elikia e.V..

🔅What significant lesson have you learned from a mistake or failure in your life?
Failure has been a profound teacher for me. It’s taught me to identify the root causes and learn from them. For instance, inadequate preparation taught me the importance of thorough groundwork, while a lack of knowledge motivated me to acquire necessary skills. Failure, therefore, isn’t merely a setback but a pathway to future success.

🔅Can you share a moment when you had to make a difficult decision, and what did you learn from it?
Leaving my job a few years back was one such tough decision. Despite strong attachments to colleagues and routine, personal plans necessitated the change. I realized that letting go of certain aspects, however cherished, is sometimes essential for personal growth and progress.

🔅How have you dealt with adversity or challenges, and what wisdom have you gained from these experiences?
Facing challenges has revealed new facets of my character. I’ve always approached adversity with the belief that no situation is permanent, echoing the biblical wisdom. This mindset, coupled with strategic analysis and action, has been instrumental in overcoming obstacles.

🔅Is there a specific piece of advice or wisdom that has profoundly influenced your life? If so, what is it?
A word of encouragement from my high school teachers, affirming my potential as a mathematician, left a lasting impact. It spurred me to pursue a career in mathematics, highlighting the power of belief in shaping our paths.

🔅Have you ever had to step out of your comfort zone, and what insights have you gained from that experience?

Overcoming impostor syndrome required me to venture beyond my comfort zone. This experience taught me that our potential exceeds our self-perceived limitations. Stepping out of comfort zones is pivotal for personal growth and achievement.

🔅Can you recall a time when you had to overcome your fear, and what did you learn from facing it? 

Initially apprehensive about public appearances, I conquered this fear for the sake of my NGO. Embracing visibility led to new opportunities, underscoring that fear can hinder our potential. Overcoming fear initiates transformative journeys.

🔅How do you deal with setbacks or obstacles in your life, and what strategies have proven helpful in overcoming them?
Approaching setbacks with optimism, I remind myself of the transient nature of circumstances. Maintaining a positive mindset facilitates clear analysis and proactive problem-solving, crucial for overcoming obstacles.

🔅What role have relationships played in shaping your life lessons, and is there a particular relationship that has taught you something valuable?

Relationships, especially with those supported by my NGO, have been profound teachers. They remind me of life’s universal struggles and the power of compassion. These interactions imbue life with perspective and purpose.

🔅Have you ever experienced a moment of clarity or realization that changed your perspective on life? If so, what was it?
Passing my final mathematics exam and realizing my potential for achievement was a transformative moment. It instilled in me a profound belief in my abilities and the importance of perseverance.

🔅Looking back on your life journey so far, what is a lesson you wish you had learned earlier, and how has it influenced your subsequent decisions and actions?
The importance of discipline is a lesson I wish I had grasped earlier. Organizational skills and prioritization are vital for goal attainment. Embracing discipline has helped me stay focused and committed to my endeavors.