Interview Series “Journey to Success” – Melodies of Grace: Selina Boateng’s Path to Musical Stardom

In this insightful interview, Selina Boateng, the celebrated gospel artist, shares her remarkable journey from humble beginnings in Kumasi to international stardom. Influenced deeply by her faith, Selina’s musical career blossomed through collaborations, perseverance, and unwavering humility. She reflects on the profound impact of her hit song “Menku meho,” which not only propelled her to fame but also served as a beacon of hope during challenging times in Ghana. 


With candid honesty, Selina discusses the invaluable lessons learned from setbacks and the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of adversity. Through her story, Selina inspires aspiring artists to nurture their spiritual connection and embrace the transformative power of music rooted in faith.

Beatrice: Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? How has your faith influenced your musical journey?
Selina Boateng: Certainly. My name is Selina Boateng, born in Kumasi to Mrs. Kate Berko and the late Mr. Kwabena Amissah. Kumasi is where I was born and grew up, though I relocated to Accra due to work commitments. Personally, I have a fondness for Fufu and Abenkwan. (She Laughs)

Beatrice: How did your music career start?
Selina Boateng: My journey in music began in childhood. I vividly remember my grandmother becoming exasperated whenever she heard me singing, as I was quite a noisy child. I started performing at various events and crusades as a young girl. When the CEO of Jehova Nissih noticed me and offered me an opportunity to work with him, things began to take shape.

Initially, at Jehova Nissi, I served as a backing vocalist until I met Mr. Kofi Amoah, a member of the Church of Pentecost, with whom I recorded several songs. This collaboration opened doors for me to work with other gospel artists such as, Ernest Opoku, Kwaku Gyasi, and Mama Esther. Gradually, these collaborations helped to establish my name. Additionally, I worked with Big Ben, who assisted me in publishing my first song, “Adom Wura,” and “Dakro b3 y3 me da.” In 2011, I crossed paths with the CEO of Cebex Music Production, Mr. Charles Sarpong, with whom I composed and published an album. One of the songs from this album, “Menku meho,” won five awards that year and provided me with opportunities to travel worldwide. In 2014, my song “Alfa and Omega,” featuring Uncle Ato, further propelled me to the top charts, garnering numerous awards.

Beatrice: Why do you think your song “Menku meho” became such a hit?
Selina Boateng: Firstly, I believe that “Menku meho” was God’s way of bringing me into the limelight. Many people were familiar with my voice through previous collaborations with various gospel artists, but they couldn’t associate a face with the songs. Secondly, “Menku meho” carries symbolic significance. I levels of suicide in the country in 2011, and I believe my song brought hope to many, encouraging them to have faith in God despite their challenges.

Beatrice: What significant lesson have you learned from a mistake or failure in your life, especially in relation to your service as a musician?
Selina Boateng: One of my biggest mistakes was placing too much trust in a particular singer whom I believed could help me in the music industry. Unfortunately, this led me to neglect the guidance of my producer. It became evident that while I held positive expectations for our partnership, she did not reciprocate them. This experience taught me the valuable lesson that not everything that glitters is gold, and I urge everyone to choose their friends wisely.

Beatrice: What is the number one key factor that helped you rise to stardom?
Selina Boateng: The humility factor! Pride often precedes a downfall, as beautifully stated in Proverbs 16:18-24. I believe that maintaining humility has been instrumental in my journey to success.

Beatrice: Can you share a moment when you had to make a difficult decision, and how did your faith guide you through it?

Selina Boateng: Throughout my life, I’ve faced various challenges and difficult decisions. However, I firmly believe that with faith in God, the journey becomes smoother, more hopeful, and purposeful.

Beatrice: Is there a specific piece of advice or wisdom from the Bible that has deeply influenced your life and music?

Selina Boateng: Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my favorite passages and has significantly influenced many of my life choices. It reminds me not to fret because I trust in the plans that God has for me.

Beatrice: What role have relationships played in shaping your musical journey and spiritual growth, and is there a particular relationship that has taught you something valuable?
Selina Boateng: Relationships have played a significant role, particularly in my spiritual growth. I’ve been fortunate to be coached by a wonderful lady in the music industry who helped me recognize my shortcomings, thereby enabling me to become a better version of myself.

Beatrice: How do you handle setbacks?
Selina Boateng: I turn to prayer, as it is often said to be the master key. When faced with setbacks, I bring my supplications to God and endeavor to maintain a positive outlook throughout. remember.

Beatrice: Looking back on your musical journey so far, what is a lesson you wish you had learned earlier, and how has it influenced your subsequent decisions and music?
Selina Boateng: One lesson I wish I had learned earlier is the importance of composing my songs and not relying solely on others to write them for me. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered situations where composers denied me the opportunity to sing certain songs at events because they believed they had a monopoly over them.

Beatrice: What advice would you give to a young and upcoming artist?
Selina Boateng: I would advise them to be prayerful and cultivate an intimate connection with God. True gospel music stems from a genuine spiritual connection. the high

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